Try Something Different… How About a Destination Wedding?


So you’ve made the biggest decision of your life and have decided that you’re getting married to that special someone.  Next comes the fun part, or as many would attest, the not-so-fun part… deciding where you’re getting married and how the two of you are going to make it happen.  The options at your disposal are almost limitless.  One of those less common options includes the “destination wedding”. 

A destination wedding is a wedding that involves travelling to a desired location that will be both splendid and memorable.  This extraordinary journey can involve just the two of you if eloping is the route you’d like to take, or may involve bringing along groups of friends and family to a particularly magnificent destination.

When weighing your wedding options, destination weddings should always be considered due to the benefits they provide over typical weddings.  Deciding on the optimal location of the wedding can become quite a chore, as couples must take into account the geographical whereabouts of friends and family.  These days, it’s typical for your loved ones to reside in numerous locations all over the nation.  So what better way to solve this dilemma than by holding your wedding at a “neutral” location in paradise that can double as an exciting vacation for the guests, as well as a wonderful wedding.

Another great benefit of destination weddings is that there are many sought-after destinations (e.g. weddings in Lake Tahoe or Hawaii) that have on-site wedding planners.  Onsite planners can help alleviate the burdensome task of coordinating the essential services (photography, catering, and floral arrangements) within a foreign environment. 

A destination wedding is not your standard wedding and thus will provide for lasting memories within the minds of everyone.  Dare to be different with your wedding plans and you won’t regret such a bold yet splendid decision.

Written by Seth Tachick for High Mountain Weddings for Lake Tahoe